Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introducing The Huntress...

Hello Precious Peeps!

Welcome to my VERY FIRST BLOG! I am still finding my way around here and learning what happens when I press "that" button, so please be kind to me!

Photo Credit Amy Earles

Hunter To The Hunted has been born in order to help me put some order to the small (and large!) ramblings of my mind and of my day. These can also be witnessed in my lovely little Etsy shop of the same name - what a co-inkidink!!

The Hunter To The Hunted Store started out as a way to blend the passion I have to make things, with the unfortunate need I have to eat. I have always been intrigued by the idea of 'making', and have continuously sort out people who 'make', in order to exclaim and ponder over their objects and designs.

After completing a Fine Arts degree, I struggled to find satisfaction in the everyday working world and although I had been 'making' myself for a few years, I had never seriously considered the option of merging 'work' with 'making' until recently.

Hunter To The Hunted is the result of this merge. It is filled with my whims, my obsessions, my fascinations and the inevitable results of my incessant hunting.

So, why not be friends with me and let's go hunting!