Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Cameo Appearance

That up there is a little tasty bite of my new cameo pieces soon to be in the Hunter To The Hunted etsy store! 

Based on the magnificent work of the 19th Century French caricaturist, J.J Grandville (who had strong influences on many artists including Sir John Tenniel, the illustrator of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland), these pieces are stately yet odd, proud yet peculiar.....

Grandville specialised in Anthropomorphism, or the attribution of human characteristics to animals.  He would often depict politicians and merchants as animals in his work.  The idea of Anthropomorphism is intriguing, don't you think?  Are we like animals?  Are animals like us?  We tend to want to choose when we want our animals to have human characteristics.....  Of course the dog can understand me when I tell him he is a good boy and to go play nicely with the cat.  That rat in the roof though, that is dirty, disgusting!!  I want it dead now, now, now!!  Hmm..  says a fair bit about us really, doesn't it?

Set in hand carved cherry wood settings, these pieces are mysterious and questioning..  cute and quirky...  bright and fun...  the range includes masquerade masked brooches and smart, stately necklaces complete with antiqued chains and ribbon ties.

Keep an eye out, as the range will be in store in the next week!

Curiouser....and curiouser....