Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fully Stocked!! (In A-nom'-a-ly')

Ooooooh, Excitement! Hunter To The Hunted is now officially and exclusively stocked at A-nom'-a-ly' in McLarty Place, Geelong!!

This is truly exciting times.  The lovely Sarah has put together a delight of a shop, merging her photography business with a gallery and store.  It was a pleasure to receive Sarah's invitation to stock Hunter in the store and share the space with such names as Holga, Akina, Toddy, Cybertart, Betsy Blonde, Finch and The Paper Bag and Qupa & Mint.

So, If you have had your eye on something in the Etsy store and it has suddenly disappeared, it's either up there ^^ or down there (Insert down arrow, which I can't find). So you will just have to come into G-Town!  Of course if there is no way for you to get to the shop and you have had your heart set on something, let me know and I'll see what I can do...

Location:  7 McLarty Place, Geelong
                Victoria, Australia 3220

Phone:      0435 527804

Hours:     Tues - Thurs
                10am - 6pm
                10am - 8pm
                11am - 4pm