Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Five Faves" Meme - by PIP form Meet Me At Mikes!

Today I am playing the "Five Faves" game courteously created by PIP from Meet Me At Mikes!  The idea is simple, list your five favourite things for the week.  I think you should play too, don't you?

So, after some careful consideration, here is the list of my "five faves"...

1.  The new cardi and shirt I bought off Ebay this week (oooh naughty!!).  The cardi even has a little owl on the back! *sigh*

2.  Pop-up wallets.  Lordy.... These pop-up wallets from Poketo make me swoon...yes they dooooo!

3.  Florals and Stripes.  These totally amazing 50's inspired Tea Dresses by sohomode will be the death of me...

4.  This Blog here who knew that vintage florals could be so flippin' awesome??!

Image found here

5.  Hot Air Balloons.  I adore them, not sure why really..  There is a whimsical and fantastical feeling that seems to surround them... 

I especially adore these 3D retro cards by O-Check

So, that brings me to the end of my little list of favourite things for the week...  what about you?  What is your latest desire, want, need, delight, find, obession or indulgence? Do tell...