Friday, March 12, 2010

Snap! (Frozen)

Autumn Girl Pen and Ink Illustration by Nan Lawson
Don't get me wrong.  I love the cooler weather, I really do.  I would go for a snugly jumper over a barely there top any day.  But this week it was like the weather only just found out that we were meant to be in autumn and decided that it had better make sure we all knew what we were in for over the next few months.  Rain, rain and more rain, hail, wind... scary storms! Wowsers! Did I mention the rain?

Now, like I said, I am a cooler weather person.  I don't handle the heat well at all.  But the sudden onslaught of the 'wild and windies' caught me a little unprepared.  I have been rendered completely useless, unable to fulfil my daily duties and nightly obligations.  Why?  Because, you see, it is very difficult to get around and do little bits and pieces whilst permanently cocooned in a fleecy blanket, wrapped so tightly that I was actually unable to find my arms - until it was time to reheat the wheat pack that had taken up residence inside the blanket that is..

While not actually THAT cold outside, the lack of sunshine meant a significant lack of heating for our home.  The thermostat never actually made it to 15 degrees... thus no work was done, but I did manage to drive Precious into a state of madness with my (perhaps too?) constant "wow it's cold", "I'm cold", "THAT looks cold", "does my nose feel cold?", "I can't feel my feet", "It's too cold to cook", "you do it, I'm too cold", "I can't, I'm stuck in this blanket", "gee, you look cold", "are you cold?  I am..."

So thrown by this early winter darkness, I began to feel gloomy.  I started to wish for steamy nights where even a sheet is too much for sleep, the sound of sticky tape being pulled from the roll as you tear yourself from the old vinyl couch you're stuck on and seeking out shade in the tiny (and very slim..) shadows created by sign posts as you wait for the bus...

I had started to forget about what was so good and comforting about cooler nights and crisp, fresh days.  So, I decided to thaw my fingers by cruising images that make me feel warm.... I am trying to remind myself of the awesomeness of autumn and that the cold is cool (!) when you get to wear lovely woolly things and cute as all gumboots and sip from a vintage floral thermos with a cork stopper!

Need some convincing too?  Check out these autumn lovelies from the delightful etsy...

What about you?  What do you like about the arrival of cooler days and longer nights?  What makes you feel snugly and all warm on the inside?  Do tell...

On the day that I put this post together it was, of course, delightfully sunny and warm!  Needless to say, I am still having little daydreams of picnicking by the sea in lovely woolly items, sipping mulled wine from my little thermos with a cork stopper.  Today I am simply doing it whilst bathing in the warm sun!